Role: Producer
Shooting Format: Arri Alexa
Run Time: 3 minutes 14 seconds

Synopsis: Celebrating best practice, the film presents the vital work of British Airways’ ‘Combined Operations’; the collaboration between three key departments (Operations, Engineering and Flight Ops). Filmed across multiple locations at Heathrow Airport and BA Headquarters, the film highlights the role that each department plays as they work together to fulfil their motto, ‘To Fly. To Serve’. The film presents the full range of people and processes that are involved in delivering outstanding customer service. The images demonstrate where recent investment has assisted in the improvement of the customer experience, showcasing new aircraft, digital boarding passes and the latest flight simulators for pilot training. BA’s attention to detail was key and the images reflect this in the use of close-ups and the portrayal of dedication and precision workmanship. Sound design was particularly important to accent this detail and weave together the multiple parts involved.